Rochester Snow Removal Unlimited

About Us

You may not think we would say this but in fact, snow is not the enemy. No sir, snow is great! We love about snow. We love making angels, we love building snowmen, we love throwing snowballs, eating snow cones, building igloos and everything else that happens when the snow falls and the schools close. No one could ever refer to us as Ebenezer Scrooges.

Actually, we have what could be referred to as an addiction to snow. We make a living from it after all. But, it is a healthy addiction. Just as alcohol is described as a good servant and a bad master… snow becomes a problem as soon as it gets out of control. But, we understand that sometimes you need a little help when it comes to the white friends next door. We are there to provide that help.

So, whenever it gets cold, and you are faced with two feelings that contradict one another (happiness at the prospect of snowy games and glumness at the prospect of static living, slush and skidding) just remember that we are there to get rid of the second feeling so that the first one can be enjoyed to the fullest. It is a great offer, we think you will agree!

Therefore, have a read through this website to understand what to do in the event of heavy snowfall and make sure you save our number now to avoid problems in the future. You won’t want to forget and get stuck later on.

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